To charge the device, connect the charger clip with the device. Both the device and the clip have a pair of connector tabs that need to be joined (marked by arrows in the picture).
The charger clip comes with a USB cable that can be connected to your computer’s USB slot or any USB charger head to get the needed energy to charge the device.

Sometimes it is possible that the device has drained it’s battery on very low level and it cannot even show the charging symbol. In this case please put it on charger and after 5-15 minutes charging icon should appear.

If this does not help, you can reset the device. Please keep both buttons pressed down for 20 seconds. Then put it back on the charger and wait for 5-15 minutes for the charging icon to appear.

In a few cases, especially after a long storage time, the battery can be all drained and the device seems all dead.
Please put it to the charger and let it charge for 1-2 days, it should wake up.

Note: after a reset the device will turn on in a so called HR-only mode. Please see this link for more info on HR-only mode and how to use PulseOn app again (need to unpair and pair again with your phone):

To continue using PulseOn application again after a reset, you will need to undo old PulseOn pairing(s) from your mobile phone's Bluetooth settings. 

To set PulseOn device in pairing mode, please keep both buttons pressed down for 6 seconds, an icon will appear on the device screen.


Then, please pair your PulseOn again with the mobile application.

In case of pairing problems, please see:

If the problem continues, please check the followings:

- Is the charger clip attached properly to the PulseOn device?
- Is the USB cable attached correctly to charger clip? Symbol on USB cable must be upturned (image below).

  If you have attached this wrong way and the device is not charging, please contact Customer Support.
- Does the charger get electricity?