These instructions are for iOS (iPhone) users

- Ensure you have an iOS device that is compatible with PulseOn requirements, this means a device with Bluetooth Smart connection (iPhone 4S or newer).

Here you can find a list of supported iOS devices:

- Check that your mobile phone has Bluetooth turned on.

Note: if you have previously paired (or tried to pair) PulseOn device with your iPhone/iPad, you need to unpair the previous pairing from your Bluetooth settings. Then you need to pair PulseOn device within PulseOn application, not from your iPhone/iPad Bluetooth Settings. To do so, please follow these steps:

1. Close the PulseOn application on your iPhone/iPad: Long-press the middle bottom button on your iOS device. When the application list opens just swipe the application to close it.

2. Go to your iPhone/iPad settings.

iOS Settings

3. Choose Bluetooth.


4. On the Bluetooth devices list, look for PulseOn and tap (i) next to it on the same line. Note, if there is no PulseOn on the list, you can jump to step 6. 

BL list

5. Choose ‘Forget this Device’ and confirm.


6. Switch off and then back on your Bluetooth connection

on off

7. Reset your PulseOn device by pressing both buttons down for 20 seconds. After this press right button for 3 seconds to turn the device on. The device will turn on in "HR-only mode". To access pairing mode (image below), please press both buttons for 7 seconds.


8. Open your PulseOn app.

app icon

9. A pairing request will soon pop-up. Accept pairing with PulseOn device.


10. PulseOn device will show succesful pairing (image below) and then fetch clock time from your mobile device.