Our technology has been developed over 12 years with the target of being best optical measurement technology on the market. We compare well with chest straps especially during running and comparable activities. Our technology is based on intelligent use of multiple waveforms of light as well as in special sensor design and optimized device mechanics which guarantee snug and comfortable device fit on your wrist (that is why we have e.g. textile strap). Most of the other optical devices on the market are based on a single color of light, and have much less optimized sensor fit – the results are seen in many related blogs which report problems in heart rate accuracy of these devices.

PulseOn's core is the accurate and reliable sensor technology which is different to what is currently out in the market. Our technology is able to determine your heart rate very accurately by dynamically measuring with different lights, position, powers and depths of your skin to always find an optimal signal.

The issue with earlier optical technologies has been firstly their vulnerability to movement and limited operative ranges, thus limiting the use cases either to only resting heart rate or to monitoring only in very stable movement when your skin is warm. PulseOn has been able to overcome both these issues with our sensor technology and intelligent algorithms, for the first time bringing continuous heart rate monitoring with chest belt accuracy to sporting events.