Instructions on how to use PulseOn wrist device with third party applications. (Called as “HR-only mode”).

In this case simultaneous use of PulseOn Application is not recommended.

NOTICE! Available for iOS and Android phones supporting Bluetooth LE / Smart. Requires Android version 4.3 or higher.

Also your 3rd party app will need to use Bluetooth LE/Smart HR standard.

We have successfully tested these apps (please note that apps get updates and we cannot assure functionality with future versions)

- Android: Runkeeper, Polar Beat, Sports Tracker
- iOS: Endomondo, Map my Fitness, Runkeeper, Polar Beat, Sports Tracker, Nike + Running, Strava


How to use 3rd party (HR-only) mode:

1. Make sure you have the latest version of PulseOn application (1.1.6 or higher) installed and your device SW updated.

2. Press and hold both device buttons for 20 seconds (the device will reset itself), then press the right button for 3 seconds to turn on the device again. Your device is now in HR only mode. It just shows HR from your wrist and can be turned on or off with the power button (right side button).

3. Your PulseOn device is ready to send HR data. Depending on your 3rd party application the device might need to be paired. Open your 3rd party application’s settings and pair with PulseOn (or follow other instructions provided by the 3rd party company). 

How to stop using 3rd party (HR-only) mode:

If you would like to use again your device with PulseOn application, you will need to pair it again. To set the device in pairing mode, please keep both buttons pressed down for 7 seconds.

In case of pairing issues, see also:

Using PulseOn app AND 3rd party app: available only for iOS:

Open your PulseOn application from your smartphone and connect the device and PulseOn App (You can put the device in connection mode by pressing both buttons for three seconds if connection doesn’t happen automatically)


Once you have done the connection you can close PulseOn application


Open your 3rd party application and go to Settings


Connect your PulseOn device from the Settings of 3rd party application

(Please notice, your smart phone and 3rd party application must be supported by Bluetooth Smart/LE for this function)

Please make sure you start an event from both, PulseOn device and 3rd party application before training


To save battery, please turn off the event from PulseOn device after training session