It is key to PulseOn to be able to monitor heart rate continuously as this is the only way to be able to lock into meaningful analytics on a person's heart rate behavior. With continuous heart rate data we are able to determine the full effect of training and truly tell you what your heart rate means. Up until now, it has only been possible to get accurate continuous heart rate data during your training with uncomfortable chest belts which have been only limited to this use case. With PulseOn, for the first time you can get very accurate and reliable heart rate data in a wide range of sports in various conditions and can also continue monitoring your heart rate after your training event. And all with an incredible stylish device!


There are a few devices in the market offering instantaneous heart rate, meaning features allowing you to check your heart rate at certain moments during your day. As the heart rate information is only limited to these certain specific moments, they are not able to give you insight into what does your heart rate mean, thus only being able to give you a crude number.


With continuous heart rate we can unlock incredible valuable information on how your body responds to different events and can offer a view into longer term development of your fitness. In addition, being able to accurate and reliably determine your heart rate already during training both in numeric terms but also seeing the accumulating effect of specific training sessions as you train, we can also help you optimize how you are training towards your fitness goals.