PulseOn has developed a highly accurate wrist based heart rate monitoring device that is not only small and stylish, but also offers very meaningful insights to the user on their training. PulseOn is all about simplicity and ease-of-use, targeted for recreational athletes who are looking for meaningful insights into their training - without having to have a huge bunch of technical know how or knowledge of heart rate analytics to start with! PulseOn combines very accurate and reliable heart rate measurements from the wrist but also delivers the full package through the individualized analytics that go way beyond showing the mere heart rate reading. The product is a welcome relief to the traditional large, technical, bulky and uncomfortable chest strap based monitors all while providing the most simplistic wireless connectivity to offer the analytics in iOS and Android apps.

Our technology is the only one that is accurate enough to gather continuous heart rate data all the way to beat-to-beat detection for heart rate variability and thus being able to provide the most accurate analytics. Even though some other HR devices or activity trackers will offer heart rate monitoring, its accuracy will not be on a sufficient level to be able to utilize the heart rate information to the fullest extent and thus many of their analytics continue to be accelerometer and gyro based. We are a dedicated heart rate monitoring device which is why we do this so well - we also have a built in accelerometer which we are using to automatically detect activity classes and to balance our algorithms for the most meaningful training feedback.